Setbacks and failures are a part of the journey to success. This is because there will be some strategies that fit your personality better than others. You will need to try some of these methods in order to find out what works best for you.
Of course this will mean that you are not completely certain that the strategy you are about to test will work for you, BUT you do know that something WILL work. You know this because you are always EXPECTING to win.
Most self made millionaires (if not all of them) will be able to tell you that they failed many times on their road to reach the position they are enjoying today. Many have even declared bankruptcy, some more than once, as they made their journey to financial freedom.
However they reached their goal because no discouragement or temporary failure could stop them. They never gave up. Their motto was: “I might have lost that battle, but I have not lost the war!”
The road to success is paved with risk taking.
Every time you step out to take risks, the possibility of failure is a reality. However you are a champion and not a loser. This means your focus will be on winning never on failing. The odds of winning and achieving your long term goal are always in your favor as long as you have determined to NEVER give up.
Our greatest glory is not found in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. ~ Confucius
You will reach success because you EXPECT to reach that goal.
It may not be immediate, but be assured you WILL arrive! This is because you are a champion.
Talking about champions; a champion
v Has a set of GOALS written down.
Do you have your goals written down?

 Creates a STRATEGY or plan based on research and study in his or her field. This strategy will be the pathway to reach the goals.
Have you worked out a strategy you can follow?
v Puts his or her plan into ACTION.
Do you have a daily action plan to follow your strategy? Are you ACTING on it?
v Always takes calculated RISKS.
Are you ready to take the necessary risks in order to reach your goals?

 Is NOT DISCOURAGED if the first strategy does not work out. He or she simply looks for another strategy that will lead them to their goal.
Do you get discouraged by things that don’t work out? Or do you simply look for another strategy?
v Always FOCUSES on success (expecting to win) when putting any plan and strategy into action.
Do you really EXPECT to reach your goals?

Your resistance to setbacks depends on your mindset.
As we have already noted, even if a battle is lost, the war is not. Notice that we have used the word “expect” several times in this post.
This is one of the big keys – what do you EXPECT to achieve?
Your expectations are your focus and your focus creates your mindset.
So how will you react to the little things along the way that may not succeed as you planned? This depends entirely on the strength of your mindset. Train your mind to think as a champion and you WILL win the war. Setbacks are natural but a comeback is a function of your decision and determination

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