Character is one of the greatest motive powers in the world. In its noblest embodiments, it exemplifies human nature in its highest forms, for it exhibits man at its best. Character is developed by training all the forces and elements of life to act constructively in those sphere for which they were created, and to express themselves in those actions only that promote the original purpose of the being in man.
Every part of man has a purpose of its own, a purpose that it was created to fulfill. When those elements that belong to each part express themselves in such a way that the purpose of that part is constantly promoted, all actions are right; and it is character that causes those actions to be right. The true character tries to turn all the energies of the system into the best and most constructive channels, and it is the mark of real character when all the parts of man are working harmoniously for the building of greatness of mind and soul. When character is weak, there is more or less conflict among the mental action. Certain actions have the tendency to work for one thing, while the other actions are tending to produce the opposite.
Character is indispensable, no matter what one’s object may be. The presence of character produces a consciousness of growth throughout the system; and the stronger the character, the more keen one can feel that everything is being reconstructed, refined, perfected and developed into something superior.
When a man has lost character, he has lost everything. But when he loses everything with his character intact, he can still be of service to himself, his friends, his neighbour, to his society, his God and the entire world.
Men of genuine excellence, men of integrity, of high principle, of sterling honesty of purpose command the spontaneous homage of mankind. It is natural to believe in such men, to have confidence in them and to imitate them. E.g. Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison etc.
Although genius commands admiration, character secures respect. Genius is more the product of brain-power while character is of heart-power. In the long-run, heart rules the life. Men of genius stand to society in relation to its intellect, as man of character to its conscience, while genius is admired, character is followed.
Great men are exceptional and greatness is a result of character. It is difficult to be great, more difficult to remain great because without strong character the attainment of greatness will be fruitless.
Character exalts a nation, transforms a society and distinguishes a man. A man of character is fearless, never worries and never becomes discouraged. When your character is developed, you are developed and when you are developed, your life is developed.

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